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The Analytics Advantage Podcast gives you smart, new perspectives on analytics strategy, technology, and innovation.

Sep 28, 2022

In Episode 1 of The People Analytics Advantage series, we are talking in detail about People Analytics. People analytics is often used in the same vein as HR Analytics. While HR Analytics can provide key metrics about an organization’s talent acquisition and management strategies, People Analytics is a much broader umbrella that can help uncover key insights into the entire hire to retire lifecycle of your employees – productivity, internal mobility, compensation, payroll, learning, skills, D&I, and more. It’s not just for HR but for all managers and stakeholders involved in implementing the organizational strategy and running day-today operations. Learn from Al Adamsen, the founder of PAFOW, about the good, bad and challenges of unlocking the value of People Analytics for your organization, along with Manisha Gupta, VP of Product at Oracle. Hosted by Chitra Shastri, Oracle Analytics Product Marketing.